Issues and Advocacy

ASOC works on a wide range of Antarctic environmental issues. These can be divided into roughly three categories

Additionally, we have three high-priority focus areas:

Photographer: Michael Van Woert, NOAA NESDIS, ORA Through our work, we seek to guarantee the highest possible level of environmental protection for the Antarctic region, whether for tiny but important krill or for entire ecosystems like the Ross Sea.

As the environmental observer within the Antarctic Treaty System, ASOC plays a special role as the representative of the global conservation community on Antarctic issues.

We present papers outlining our positions at the meetings of Antarctic governance organizations, and provide information on how to protect the Antarctic environment to Treaty parties.

We can also report back to the environmental community about progress or lack thereof on key conservation issues.

Our campaigners are experts in their subject areas and produce analytical papers and reports that are widely respected and cited. Although Antarctica is not often prominent in many people's minds, ASOC is committed to enhancing public awareness about the continent, its magnificent species, and its unique environmental challenges.

We hope you will explore our site to learn more about this stunning region - the natural heritage of all humankind.