World Wilderness Congress

The World Wilderness Congress is the world’s longest-running, public conservation project and environmental forum.

At WILD 10, the 10th World Wilderness Congress, over 1000 delegates from more than 65 nations - conservationists, scientists, government officials, Indigenous leaders, artists and others - filled the medieval city center of Salamanca in Spain between 4 and 10 October, 2013 to explore, debate, connect and forge partnerships and implement targeted actions to value and protect wild nature around the world.

Working to protect the largest contiguous terrestrial wilderness area on the planet, Antarctica, ASOC campaigners were present at WILD10 to present their work, share ideas with the global community and create synergistic networks. Following on from our work at WILD9, we made oral and poster presentations focused on issues related to mapping wilderness in Antarctica, valuing the Antarctic wilderness as a cultural landscape and understanding cultural meanings of wilderness. Dr.Tin and Dr.O’Reilly also contributed to a poster that was presented at the conference: Perceptions of wilderness in Antarctica.

Other collaborators were John Peden, Diane Erceg, Javier Benayas, Kees Bastmeijer and Pat Maher from universities in The Netherlands, Spain, USA and Australia. The Wilderness Congress passed a resolution on Antarctica sponsored by ASOC titled “The Antarctic Treaty Area as a Contiguous Wilderness Area.” We also passed a resolution that calls for proactive action to limit the expansion of the human footprint in order to protect the Antarctic wilderness. The work at WILD10 provides strong grounding for our ongoing advocacy work for the protection of wilderness values within the Antarctic Treaty System.



WILD 10 Poster - Mapping out how different cultures and populations value the Antarctic wilderness

Abstract - A big blank white canvas? Mapping and modeling human impact in Antarctica, Steve Carver and Tina Tin

Abstract - Public values of the Antarctic wilderness: A comparison of university students in Spain and the United States, John Peden, Tina Tin, Javier Benayas, Luis Pertierra, Pablo Tejedo, Jessica O’Reilly, Kees Bastmeijer and Pat Maher

RESOLUTION #26 - The Antarctic Treaty Area as a Contiguous Wilderness Area

RESOLUTION #26 - The Antarctic Treaty Area as a Contiguous Wilderness Area (Spanish)