High Sea Alliance


hsa-logoWhat is High Sea Alliance (HSA)?

The High Seas Alliance is a partnership of organizations and groups for the conservation of the high seas. The alliance currently includes 27 non-govenmental organizations and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).


What does High Sea Alliance do?

High Sea Alliance (HSA) promotes international cooperation to strengthen high sea governance. The alliance is currently working with global leaders to establish marine protected areas for the protection, conservation and restoration of marine ecosystem and biodiversity in oceans beyond national jurisdiction. Members of the alliance also share a wide range of information to encourage public participation in the sustainable use of marine biodiversity beyond national jurisdiction. Finally, to accomplish these goals, the alliance calls on participating countries at Rio+20 to improve their regulations in the high seas, which would allow equitable sharing of benefits from the use of marine genetic resources.


Why should we support protection of high sea biodiversity?

The high seas cover approximately 64% of the world’s ocean and support extensive biological diversity. However, the high seas are under increasing man-made threats such as overfishing and habitat destruction. Current ocean governance protects less than 1% of the world’s ocean, and has failed to protect the vulnerable marine ecosystems in high seas.


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