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February 2012

Alliance Seeks Vast Marine Reserves in Antarctic< 02.28.2012 NY Times



February 2011

Krill do it deeper 02.22.2011 ABC news

Scott's Antarctic creatures may give climate clue 02.22.2011 Reuters

Carbon Sink at South Pole has Grown Recently, HIstorical Collections Reveal 02.21.2011 Science Daily

Kristina Gjerde Explains How We Make Laws for Un-Owned Oceans 02.11.2011 Jaymi Heimbuch

On Edge- Pushing Statistics and Climate 02.10.2011 NY Times

Beardmore glacier focus for scientists in Antarctica 02.10.2011 Voxy

Passing Antarctic cooling may help study warming 02.09.2011 MSNBC

Season over for cruise ship that hit rock in Antarctica 02.09.2011 USA Today

Antarctic Treaty no match for national price 02.08.2011 Sydney Morning Herald

Russia poised to breach mysterious Antarctic lake 02.07.2011 Vancouver Sun

Secrets of Antarctica's fossilized forests 02.07.2011 BBC

Deep Below Antarctic Ice, Lake May Soon See Light 02.03.2011 NPR News

Antarctica: Scott's granddaughter retraces his journey 02.03.11 BBC

Antarctic Sea Bursts to Life 02.02.2011 Our Amazing Planet

Expedition cruise ship damaged after striking rock in Antarctica 02.01.2011 USA Today

January 2011

Icebreakers in Antarctica 01.30.2011 Star Tribune

Toothfish quota reduced in South Georgia 01.28.2011 MercoPress

Antarctic accidents pile pressure on London talks for restricted polar travel 01.21.2011 Telegraph UK

Alex Trebek Stresses Need For Responsibility In Antarctica 01.16.2011 Eco Razzi

Tourist Mimic Polar Pioneers, Except With Planes and Blogs 01.15.2011 NY Times

Penguins with tracking tags have low survival rate 01.14.2011 The Times

Studying Microbes in Antarctica? 01.13.2011 NY Times

Russians hope to reach Lake Vosok for the first time soon 01.10.2011 Earth Sciences

Why Gillard is wrong on ocean protection 01.10.2011 The Sydney Morning Herald

Sustainable fish customers 'duped' by Marine Stewardship Council 01.06.2011 Guardian

Japan's whale meat stockpile hits record level 01.05.2011 ABC news

Mysteries of Lake Vostok on brink of discovery 01.05.2011 New Scientist

Ice collision creates floating Antarctic climate lab 01.04.2011 The Australian

Street Success 01.03.2011 Mother Jones

Antarctic Treaty meeting at Beardmore field camp marked unique moment in history 01.02.2011 The Antarctic Sun

Polar expedition to study Antarctica's climate history 01.2011 BBC


December 2010

Speed installation of system to monitor vial signs of global ocean, scientists urge 10.31.2010 Eureka Alert

Bodies found in Antarctica French helicopter crash 10.30.2010 BBC News

Surviving 'the Drake Shake': Riding out an Antarctic-cruise nightmare 12.27.2011 Daily News

How ancient penguins got their cold weather coats 12.25.2010 The Hindu

There's No Place Like Antarctica For the Holidays 12.24.2010 EPO

And it Begins. Antarctica is Melting 12.22.2010 Tiny Green Bubble

Clean Getaway?: Antarctica Tourism Snowballs, but Is It Helping or Harming "the Last Place on Earth?" 12.22.2010 Scientific American

PM told to defend Antarctic territory 12.21.2010 The Australian

Why Japan Keeps Whaling 12.10.2010 The Diplomat

A really, really big gulp 12.09.2010 The Star

Fastest crossing of Antarctica attempt reaches South Pole 12.04.2010 Telegraph

London Hamleys abandons live penguin display 12.03.2010 BBC News

Persistent Organic Pollutants Detected in Sperm Whales Throughout the Pacific 12.01.2010 Environmental Health Perspectives

November 2010

Antarctic ice reveals trapped secrets of climate change 11.28.2010 Guardian

Heaven on Earth melting away 11.27.2010 Los Angeles Times

Whaling fleet yet to depart 11.26.2010 Japan Times

Whale and dolphin strandings 'increase by 25% 11.25.2010 BBC News

Predicting sea level rise: Understanding how icebergs form could lead to better forecasts 11.23.2010 Earth Sciences

In Controversial Move, Antarctic Fishery Called 'Sustainable' 11.18.2010 Science Insider

NZ may join action against whaling 11.17.2010 NZ Herald

"Fraser's Penguins" Documents Stark Climate Change in the Antarctic 11.10.2010 Solve Climate News

Singapore and Malaysia asked to close ports to toothfish pirates 11.09.2010 WWF

King Crabs Could Invade Antarctica 11.1.2010 Softpedia

September 2010

Behind the Eco-Label, a Debate Over Antarctic Toothfish 09.24.2010 Science Mag

Ecologist fear Antarctic krill crisis 09.02.2010 Nature

June 2010

Krill Harvest Certification Upsets Conservationists 06.22.2010 NY Times

May 2010

Certifier's assessment of toothfish fishery remanded 05.11.2010 FIS United States

April 2010

Certifier to reconsider Aker BioMarine fishery's performance 04.23.2010 FIS United States


April 2009

Why did an Antarctic cruise ship sink? 04.20.2009 The Christian Science Monitor

Green States: An entire continent, protected 04.03.2009 MNN

March 2009

Ocean seeding fails on carbon but claims a plus for plankton 03.27.2009 Sunday Morning Herald

Is Antarctica Getting Too Popular? 03.22.2009 NY Times


October 2008

On the Sunny Beaches of Brazil, A perplexing inrush of penguins 10.03.2008 Washington Post Foreign Service

April 2008

Backing for Antarctic Ship Review 04.7.2008 BBC News

March 2008

Why the white wilderness needs our care 03.31.2008 BBC News

Eco-tourism 'major threat' to Antarctic 03.31.2008 Telegraph UK


November 2007

Cruise ship sinking raises concern over tourism boom in the Antarctic 11.26.2007