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ATCM XXXIII 03 May - 14 May 2010 Punta del Este, Uruguay

Information Papers Submitted to the XXXIII ATCM

Making Tangible Progress on a Strategic Vision for Antarctic Tourism
Antarctic Ship-borne Tourism and Inspections Under Article VII of the Antarctic Treaty and Article 14 of the Protocol on Environmental Protection
The Case for Inclusion of the Ross Sea Continental Shelf and Slope in a Southern Ocean Network of Marine Reserves
Comparison of Three Antarctic Treaty Meeting of Experts on Shipping and Tourism
Key Climate Change Actions in Antarctica: Emissions Reduction, Adaptation and Science
Energy Efficiency And Renewable Energy Under Extreme Conditions: Case Studies From Antarctica (attachment: Tin et al. published paper, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Under Extreme Conditions: Case Studies From Antarctica )
Coastal Hydrocarbon Pollution: A Case Study From Deception Island, Antarctica (with poster)
Rising to the challenge: Key steps to deliver a Comprehensive and Representative Marine Protected Areas Network in the Southern Ocean by 2012
Working Towards A Polar Vessel Code
Tourism and Land-based Facilities in Antarctica: Analysis of a Questionnaire Distributed to Antarctic Treaty Parties at XXXII ATCM

Reports on the XXXIII ATCM

Official ASOC Report on the XXXIII ATCM

Press Releases

Antarctic Treaty Governments Progress on Climate Change and Marine Protected Areas:  Fail on Biological Prospecting, Polar Code and Tourism


Antarctic Treaty Meetings (ATME) Papers

6-9 April 2010 Svolvær, Norway
The Future of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet: Observed and Predicted Changes, Tipping Points, and Policy Considerations


CCAMLR XXIX October 2010

Official papers submitted by ASOC for consideration by CCAMLR

The Case for Including the Ross Sea Continental Shelf and Slope in a Southern Ocean Network of Marine Protected Areas
Gap Analysis: Comparing CCAMLR’s Port State Measures With Those in the FAO Agreement on Port State Measures to Prevent, Deter and Eliminate Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing
Ocean Acidification and the Southern Ocean
Climate Change and the Role of CCAMLR
CCAMLR’s role in combating IUU fishing in the Southern Ocean and globally
The Need To Reduce Uncertainties In Krill Fisheries
Managing Fishing Vessels
Towards Tangible and Substantive Progress on Southern Ocean MPAs: The Need for All CCAMLR Members to Engage in the Process

Read our press release on the meeting here .

Read our briefing on our priority issues for CCAMLR here.

International Whaling Commission

62nd IWC Meeting 2010

ASOC Report on IWC 62


IMO and Shipping Papers 2010

Managing Fishing Vessels
Development of a Mandatory Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters For Additional MARPOL provisions click here
ASOC Briefing: Working towards a mandatory Polar Code
ASOC Press Advisory: ASOC welcomes progress on polar code for vessels
ASOC Press Advisory: IMO Bans Use of Heavy Fuel Oil by Ships in Antarctic Waters
ASOC Press Advisory: Mandatory Polar Shipping Code
Wider Environmental provisions for Polar Code
Proposed Mandatory Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters

ASOC in the News 2010

December 2010

Speed installation of system to monitor vial signs of global ocean, scientists urge 10.31.2010 Eureka Alert
Bodies found in Antarctica French helicopter crash 10.30.2010 BBC News
Surviving 'the Drake Shake': Riding out an Antarctic-cruise nightmare 12.27.2011 Daily News
How ancient penguins got their cold weather coats 12.25.2010 The Hindu
There's No Place Like Antarctica For the Holidays 12.24.2010 EPO
And it Begins. Antarctica is Melting 12.22.2010 Tiny Green Bubble
Clean Getaway?: Antarctica Tourism Snowballs, but Is It Helping or Harming "the Last Place on Earth?" 12.22.2010 Scientific American
PM told to defend Antarctic territory 12.21.2010 The Australian
Why Japan Keeps Whaling 12.10.2010 The Diplomat
A really, really big gulp 12.09.2010 The Star
Fastest crossing of Antarctica attempt reaches South Pole 12.04.2010 Telegraph

London Hamleys abandons live penguin display 12.03.2010 BBC News
Persistent Organic Pollutants Detected in Sperm Whales Throughout the Pacific 12.01.2010 Environmental Health Perspectives

November 2010

Antarctic ice reveals trapped secrets of climate change 11.28.2010 Guardian
Heaven on Earth melting away 11.27.2010 Los Angeles Times
Whaling fleet yet to depart 11.26.2010 Japan Times
Whale and dolphin strandings 'increase by 25% 11.25.2010 BBC News
Predicting sea level rise: Understanding how icebergs form could lead to better forecasts 11.23.2010 Earth Sciences
In Controversial Move, Antarctic Fishery Called 'Sustainable' 11.18.2010 Science Insider
NZ may join action against whaling 11.17.2010 NZ Herald
"Fraser's Penguins" Documents Stark Climate Change in the Antarctic 11.10.2010 Solve Climate News
Singapore and Malaysia asked to close ports to toothfish pirates 11.09.2010 WWF
King Crabs Could Invade Antarctica 11.1.2010 Softpedia

September 2010

Behind the Eco-Label, a Debate Over Antarctic Toothfish 09.24.2010 Science Mag
Ecologist fear Antarctic krill crisis 09.02.2010 Nature

June 2010

Krill Harvest Certification Upsets Conservationists 06.22.2010 NY Times

May 2010

Certifier's assessment of toothfish fishery remanded 05.11.2010 FIS United States

April 2010

Certifier to reconsider Aker BioMarine fishery's performance 04.23.2010 FIS United States