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ATCM XXXII 06 April - 17 April 2009 Baltimore, United States

Information Papers Submitted to the XXXII ATCM

Report of the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition
Impacts of Local Human Activities on the Antarctic Environment:  A Review
Policy Implications Arising from SCAR's Report:  Antarctic Climate Change and the Environment
Marine Protected Areas in the Antarctic
A Ross Sea MPA:  Preservation for Science
Protecting the Antarctic Marine Ecosystem:  A Role for the ATCM
Managing Antarctic Vessels - Avoiding Future Disasters
Tourism and Land-Based Facilities in Antarctica
Key Elements of a Strategic Vision for Antarctic Tourism
ASOC also submitted discussion points to the first joint meeting of the Committee for Environmental Protection and the Scientific Committee of CCAMLR. Read our paper here.

Reports on the XXXII ATCM

Official ASOC Report on the XXXII ATCM

Press Releases

Antarctic Treaty Governments Fail on Climate Change,  Make Progress on Marine Protected Areas and Tourism Regulation 4.17.09

Posters produced by the ASOC team for XXXII ATCM

Wilderness and Aesthetic Values of Antarctica
Celebrating Antarctica:  The Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition 1979 - 2009
Celebrating Antarctica:  Issues Facing Antarctica in 2009
Celebrating Antarctica:  A Vision for Antarctica and the Southern Ocean

Antarctic Treaty Meetings (ATME) Papers

9-11 December 2009 Wellington, New Zealand

Coastal Hydrocarbon Pollution: A Case Study From Deception Island, Antarctica
Antarctic Ship-borne Tourism and Inspections Under Article VII of the Antarctic Treaty and Article 14 of the Protocol on Environmental Protection
Antarctic Ship-borne Tourism: Perspectives on Shipping Management
Making Tangible Progress on a Strategic Vision for Antarctic Tourism
Tourism and Land-based Facilities in Antarctica: Analysis of a Questionnaire Distributed to Antarctic Treaty Parties at XXXII ATCM

CCAMLR XXVIII October 2009

Official papers submitted by ASOC for consideration by CCAMLR

Final ASOC Press Release from CCAMLR
The Need for Protective Measures for Antarctic Krill Fishing in Area 48
Taking Action on CCAMLR's Performance Review
CCAMLR's 3-Year Challenge: Delivering a Comprehensive and Representative Protected Areas Network in the Southern Ocean
The Case for Special Protection of the Ross Sea
A Renewed Strategy to Combat IUU Fishing in the Southern Ocean
Port Visits of Vessels on CCAMLR's IUU Vessel Lists: Lessons on Port State Performances
The Need for Global and Regional Responses to Climate Change

International Whaling Commission

61st IWC Meeting 2009

ASOC Policy Briefing for the 61st IWC
ASOC Opening Statement to the IWC
ASOC Meeting: 61st Annual Meeting of the International Whaling Commission
Statement by Sidney Holt
Statement by Susan Millward
Statement by Patricia Forkan

General Papers

Statement by Sidney Holt at the Inter-Sessional Meeting in Rome in March 2009

IMO Papers 2009

ASOC Press Briefing: IMO to consider ban on heavy oil in Antarctic waters
Work Programme Mandatory Polar Code
Proposed Mandatory Code for ships operating in Polar Waters
ASOC Press Briefing: Priority outcomes for a Mandatory Code for Polar Shipping
Work Programme: Mandatory Polar Code
ASOC's Report on IMO's Ship design and Equipment Sub-Committee

ASOC in the News 2009

April 2009

Why did an Antarctic cruise ship sink? 04.20.2009 The Christian Science Monitor
Green States: An entire continent, protected 04.03.2009 MNN

March 2009

Ocean seeding fails on carbon but claims a plus for plankton 03.27.2009 Sunday Morning Herald
Is Antarctica Getting Too Popular? 03.22.2009 NY Times

Other Publications

MSC Objection Aker Biomarine Krill Fishery December 2009
MSC Objection Ross Sea Toothfish Longline Fishery December 2009