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ATCM XXXII 06 April - 17 April 2009 Baltimore, United States

Information Papers Submitted to the XXXII ATCM

ASOC also submitted discussion points to the first joint meeting of the Committee for Environmental Protection and the Scientific Committee of CCAMLR. Read our paper here.

Reports on the XXXII ATCM

Press Releases

Posters produced by the ASOC team for XXXII ATCM

Antarctic Treaty Meetings (ATME) Papers, 9-11 December 2009 Wellington, New Zealand

CCAMLR XXVIII October 2009

Official papers submitted by ASOC for consideration by CCAMLR

International Whaling Commission

61st IWC Meeting 2009

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April 2009

04.20.2009 The Christian Science Monitor 04.03.2009 MNN

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03.27.2009 Sunday Morning Herald 03.22.2009 NY Times

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December 2009

MSC Objection Ross Sea Toothfish Longline Fishery

December 2009