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ATCM Papers




ATCM XXX 30 April - 11 May 2007 New Delhi, India


Information Papers Submitted to the XXXI ATCM


The Case Against Tourism Landings from Ships Carrying More than 500 Passengers
Taking Action on Marine Noise in the Southern Ocean
Amendment or Modification of Annex II and the Implications for Further Annex Review
The Antarctic and Climate Change
Strengthening the CEE Process
Tourism and the Duty for ATCP Action
The Human Footprint of the IPY 2007-2008 in Antarctica
Marine Protected Areas – Steps Forward for the ATCM
Report of the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition
Implementing the Madrid Protocol: A case study of Fildes Peninsula, King George Island


Reports on the XXX ATCM

ASOC XXX ATCM Report - New Delhi 2007


CCAMLR XXVI October 2007

Official papers submitted by ASOC for consideration by CCAMLR


The Need for a Strategic Plan for the Management of the Antarctic Krill Fishery
Climate Change and Implementation of CCAMLR's Objectives
A System of Comprehensive Marine Protection - Some Policy Considerations
The Use of Trade-Related Measures to Deter IUU Fishing:  A Step Ahead for CCAMLR






Press Releases and Other Information

ASOC Press Advisory on Illegal Fishing in the Southern Ocean
 ASOC Statement to the Commission 
ASOC Statement to the Scientific Committee 
ASOC Statement on Commission Agenda Item 7 Marine Protected Areas 
ASOC intervention on climate change at the Commission 
ASOC intervention on krill management at the Commission 
ASOC intervention on trade measures at the Commission

ASOC in the News 2007

November 2007

Cruise ship sinking raises concern over tourism boom in the Antarctic 11.26.2007