ASOC in the News

Below is a selection of media coverage of ASOC campaigns, or quoting ASOC campaigners.

Antarctic Species Would Benefit from Marine Protections, September 19, 2014, Scoop Independent News

Protecting Antarctic Marine Ecosystems: From Anemones to Whales, September 18, 2014, National Geographic

AOA reports on Weddell region protection, July 22, 2014, World Fishing &. aquaculture

Strong commitment to support Marine Protected Areas in Southern Ocean, May 9, 2014, Marco Press

Antarctic Treaty signatories make marine protection progress, May 8, 2014,

Environmentalists Don’t Like the Polar Code, January 26, 2014, The Maritime Executive

Antarctic MPA Talks Fail Again: Can the Promise of Protection be Fulfilled?, November 5, 2013, National Geographic

Worldnews - Antarctic marine reserve plan blocked again, November 4, 2013, FIS

Antarctica marine reserve bid fails, November 2, 2013,

Russia, Ukraine again block Southern Ocean protection, November 1, 2013, Scoop News

Blue balloons and binoculars: Rally kicks off latest push for Antarctic MPA, October 29, 2013 National Geographic

World's biggest marine reserves proposed for Antarctica, 28 October, 2013, ABC Online

World's Largest Marine Reserve In Antarctic Waters Back Up For Debate, 17 October, 2013, International Buisiness Times

Are Antarctica’s Southern Ocean Ecosystems Doomed to Death by Diplomatic Paralysis?, 2 October, 2013, Scientific American

Ross Sea proposed sanctuary slashed, 7 September, 2013,

Concerns over revised plan for Ross Sea protection, 5 September 2013, Voxy.Co.Nz

Russia Prevents Designation of Large Marine Protected Areas in the Antarctic, 18 July 2013, National Geogrpahic

Russian delegation blocks global efforts to create Ross Sea, 16 July 2013,

Russia blocks global efforts for Antarctic marine protection, 16 July 2013,

Russian ‘fishing interests’ threaten bid for Antarctic conservation area, 16 July 2013, EurActiv

No Accord Yet on Marine Protected Areas, 16 July 2013, IDN InDepthNews | Analysis That Matters

Sweeping Parts Of Southern Seas Could Become A Nature Preserve, 12 July 2013, NPR

Will Norway Protect the Antarctic Ocean?, 10 July 2013, Aftenposten (Norwegian)

Antarctic fuel bungle, 3 June 2013, The Age National

Bungle sees diesel fall to Antarctica's pristine sea floor, 3 June 2013, Brisbane Times

Last Ocean sanctuary bid floundering, 31 May 2013,

It’s Official: You Can’t Trust a ‘Certified Sustainable’ Seafood Label, 16 April 2013, Take Part

“Sustainable” fish may not deserve the label, 4.13.2013,

'Sustainable fishing' certification too lenient and discretionary, study finds, 4.10.2013, NYU News

Arctic at the Crossroads , 4.08.2013, Huffington Post

Our Clients Rock: Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition, 3.29.2013,

Antarctic Island Heavily Trashed, 3.28.2013, Discovery News

Slow Progress in Protecting Polar Waters , 3.19. 2013, National Geographic

Little-known Code Could Have a Major Impact on Polar Environments , 3.18. 2013, National Geographic

For A Florida Fishery, 'Sustainable' Success After Complex Process , 2.19. 2013, NPR

Is Sustainable-Labeled Seafood Really Sustainable?, 2.19. 2013, NPR

Penguin Colony's First Contact With Humans In Antarctica Captured On Camera , 1.28. 2013, The Huffington Post

Antarctica’s Southern Ocean: Pollution and Fishing Fleets Threaten Fragile Ecosystem, 1.10. 2013,

Antarctica braces for influx of invasive species 1.07. 2013 National Geographic

Strong Evidence for Ocean Acidification Impacts in Southern Ocean 11.29. 2012 National Geographic

'Deep concern' as deal to protect Antarctic seas fails 11.01.2012 BBC News

Failure for Antarctic marine reserves 11.01.2012 Wildlife News

New illegal fishing threat for Southern Ocean 10.29.2012 ABC News

Documentary maker takes film to Ross Sea talks 10.26.12 Voxy

Nations Have Historic Opportunity to Protect Antarctic Waters 10.23.12 National Geographic

Australia to push for Antarctic reserve 10.17.12 The Age

Alliance Seeks Vast Marine Reserves in Antarctic2.28.12 The New York Times

Deep Below Antarctic Ice, Lake May Soon See Light 2.3.11 National Public Radio

Antarctic accidents pile pressure on London talks for restricted polar travel 1.24.11 Telegraph (UK)

Clean Getaway?: Antarctica Tourism Snowballs, but Is It Helping or Harming "the Last Place on Earth?" 12.22.10 Scientific American

Behind the Eco-Label, a Debate Over Antarctic Toothfish 9.24.10 Science Magazine

In Controversial Move, Antarctic Fishery Called 'Sustainable' 11.18.10 Science Magazine

Krill Harvest Certification Upsets Conservationists 6.22.10 New York Times

Why did and Antarctic cruise ship sink? 4.20.09 Christian Science Monitor

Green States: An entire continent, protected 4.03.09

Ocean seeding fails on carbon but claims a plus for plankton 3.27.09 Sydney Morning Herald

On the Sunny Beaches of Brazil, A perplexing Inrush of Penguins 10.3.08 Washington Post

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