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Adelie on ice
Adelie penguins

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The ASOC Coalition Membership comprises over 15 global conservation organizations, whose work, passion and values intersect with Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.

Together we work to develop and achieve Antarctic conservation objectives, providing a unified voice for Antarctic conservation through coordinated campaigns and advocacy.

Throughout our history, coordinating international collaboration with and between NGOs has been our strength, enabling us to achieve great victories for Antarctica, such as the designation of marine protection for the Ross Sea. 

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As a dues-paying Coalition Member, you will become part of the world’s largest coordinated effort to protect Antarctica.

With your support, we will continue to ensure that Antarctic decision-makers receive high quality, scientific information to inform conservation-based decisions for a safe Antarctic future.

weddell pup
Seal pup, Antarctica


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ASOC CCAMLR Delegation Group Photo (2019)


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