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Your help is needed more urgently today than ever before. Now is the time to support a vibrant, resilient Antarctica into the future, and protect the Earth’s last great wilderness.

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Rally for Antarctica, May 2022. Brandenburg Gate, Berlin. Photo: Saskia Uppenkamp.
Rally for Antarctica, May 2022. Brandenburg Gate, Berlin. Photo: Saskia Uppenkamp.

It has never been more urgent

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Antarctica and the Southern Ocean play a vital role in regulating the global climate – but they are changing. The Antarctic Ice Sheet is shrinking. The Southern Ocean is heating up. Entire penguin colonies are vanishing. 

At this time of great change, ASOC and our partner organizations are working tirelessly to secure vital protection for Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. With your support, we will continue to advocate for an abundant, adaptable Antarctica into the future. 

Find out more about how Antarctica is changing today.

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Our Antarctica


Antarctica belongs to all of us. Which means a little piece of it belongs to you!

Whether you’re a longtime lover of Antarctica or discovering the wonders of this incredible continent for the first time, now is the time to explore more. 

We may not all be able to visit Antarctica, but we can all learn, understand and care about it. From Antarctic ice and animals to the vast ocean that surrounds it, find out more about this remarkable continent, and why its protection is so vital to all of us.

Claire Christian

Claire Christian


“It’s impossible to overstate how important our supporters are to our success. We simply wouldn’t be able to advocate for Antarctica’s magnificent species without you. 

With the climate crisis putting increased pressure on Antarctic ice and ecosystems, now is the time to throw our weight behind the effort to protect Antarctica.” 

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Now is the time to act

Antarctica is changing, but it’s not too late. Together we can protect vulnerable areas and climate refugia to support a vibrant future for Antarctica. Your gift will help preserve this extraordinary but fragile place for the next generation.

Video: courtesy of Richard Sidey