What We Do

Since 1978, the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition has been working solely for the protection of Antarctica and the surrounding Southern Ocean.

Adelie on ice
Adelie penguins

What we do


As the only environmental NGO invited to observe Antarctic Treaty meetings, ASOC works at the highest levels of Antarctic governance to effect change from within. We represent the Antarctic conservation community in the halls of power where globally significant decisions about the future of Antarctica are made.

Working alongside our Coalition members, partners, campaigners and supporters, we inform and motivate global leaders to protect Antarctica for all of humanity. 

Ross Sea MPA celebration by John Weller
ASOC delegation outside the CCAMLR building in Hobart, Tasmania, celebrating the designation of Ross Sea MPA in 2016. Photo by John Weller.

Global action for Antarctica


For more than 40 years, ASOC has been the leading voice for responsibly managing human activities that threaten this pristine region. ASOC advocates for science-based policies to support a resilient, vibrant Antarctica into the future.

ASOC is the only organization working full-time on Antarctic and Southern Ocean conservation, and is a respected, collective force for keeping these important regions intact for generations to come. 

Video: courtesy of Richard Sidey


How we work


We advocate for protected areas across Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, to offer the best defense against a warming climate and increasing human activity.

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We represent the global environmental community at Antarctic governance meetings, where the world’s leaders come together to decide the fate of Antarctica.

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Antarctic expedition guide

We educate the public about issues facing Antarctica, building a groundswell of awareness and support for Antarctic protection.

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CCAMLR Opening 2018

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Current campaigns


ASOC campaigners work within and across Antarctic governance systems to protect Antarctic ecosystems. By identifying existing and emerging threats, we advocate for the best possible protection for Antarctica. Explore our current campaigns.

Antarctic scenery mountain ocean and ice
Antarctic Peninsula